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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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new information about a small plane crash in sonoma county. we learned that the 4 people onboard have connections to some of san francisco's top philanthropic families. i'm justly haener. >> i'm ken wayne. frank is office tonight. >> a first responder is quoted as saying that the 2 children and woman onboard suffered severe injuries. >> the crash happened just 1,000 feet from the sonoma sky
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park air important that's small airstrip at the southern end of the sonoma valley. we have the latest from debra -- from debora villalon. deb? >> reporter: the crash didn't seem to attract any attention -- the plane didn't attract any attention from the businesses nearby until it crashed. >> we heard the spleengs thought people were playing with fireworks again. >> reporter: they hear airplanes overhead all the time. >> a lot of times, they sound pretty low, like we have to duck. >> reporter: both injured children were rushed to children's hospital oakland by helicopter. the adult was taken by ambulance to a nap ark
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hospital. arriving paramedics tried to shield all of them from seeing their loved ones in the wreckage. >> we got multiple 911 calls when the crash happened. >> reporter: first responders rushed in. the local fire department is right down the road, but 38- year-old goldman was killed instantly. he taught international relations at university of san francisco. >> sheriff's deputies were dispatched right away, fire and medical were dispatched right away. it's never a good thing when a plane goes down. >> reporter: the plane took off from sonoma sky skye park and crashed only a few minutes later in a pasture just outside the airport. >> very, very unusual. >> reporter: residents nearby recall a few airplane mishaps over the years, but nothing like this. >> we think something went wrong and he tried to turn around and get back. >> reporter: these planes are fast and state of the art, more than a half million dollars to buy, and boasting top-notch
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i'veonics and safety features, including a parachute so the plane can slow its speed and land softly in an emergency. this pilot used his parachute to crash land near hawaii. >> we had a release. it sounded like an air pressure release. >> reporter: goldman's parachute was deployed, but whether that was intentional or had happened who without enough altitude to makes a difference remain understand known. >> it sounds like he had a problem and turned around and was heading back to the airport because he was about 1,000 feet from the runway. >> reporter: build bill goldman was an experienced pilot who volunteered to fly critically ill patients and their families. the crash site is still cordoned off tonight. ntsb and ntaa investigators are live. reports indicated that the woman on the plane was bill
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goldman's wife, sarah, but it may have been the family in an nip that identification is still being sorted out. >> it's still early and there are a lot of facts that need to be sorted out. debora villalon live for us. the goldman family is known for an environmental prize. the goldman school of public policy is also named for the family. various family foundations have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit the arts with jewish affairs, reproductive health, disadvantaged youth, more. family patriarch richard goldman founded goldman insurance? san francisco. rita goldman was an heirs to the levi -- an heiress to the levi strawses fortune.
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-- to the levi strauss fortune. a third grader was heading to her grandmother's house when the unexpected happened. >> we were all singing and dancing in the car, then we hear this big upon, and i take my hand off my ear, and there's blood on it. >> reporter: grace's mother was driving northbound on santa that teresa -- on santa teresa boulevard and heard what she thought might be a rock hit her car. >> i thought, what is this? i looked back and my back windshield had been shattered. >> reporter: a trucker pulled over and said he thought his car had been hit. that's when they raced it was a pellet from a pellet gun.
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>> i never dreamt that would happen. >> reporter: the projectile grazed grace's ear. authorities found it stuck in grace's hair. >> i don't really know what happened. we were going to go swimming and then they shot me. >> reporter: debbie spent the evening talking to property owners. workers replaced the rear window, costing a few hundred dollars, nothing compared to what could have happened. >> i'm so grateful to god that she's okay, because it could have been a different story 1 inch over. >> reporter: grace is also grateful. >> i'm happy that i'm okay. it's it's really close to my head. >> reporter: grateful her 4- year-old brother didn't get hurt. >> they shouldn't be shooting. >> of all the things we're told as a mom to worry about, this is not on my radar. >> the mother wanted to share
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what happened to catch whoever is responsible. the sheriff's office says shooter could face a misdemeanor charge. the planning commission is meeting at this hour to vote on a controversial proposal to open a marijuana dispensary in the sunset district. dozens of people are protesting the proposal to put the pot club on noriega street. it would be owned by former oakland mayor jean kwan and her husband, floyd nguyen. it's believed by some residents that it will attract crime to the area and put children at risk. >> we know there's a lot of kids and there and a lot of senior citizens there. >> reporter: at this hour, dozens of people are still lined up to speak at the hearing.
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mark benioff's sales force won naming rights to the new transbay center. a new terminal will be named salesforce transit center for the next 25 years. they'll be allowed to put their logo on almost 25 hurricane signs. one member -- one board member is credited as saying he finds the sale of naming rights distasteful but says the agency needs every dollar it can get. a u.s. district judge in hawaii lifted some restrictions on the trump administration travel ban. refugees with bona fide relationships in the u.s. should be allowed to travel from 6 mostly plus muslim nations, but the trump administration left grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a number of close relatives off that list. the judge ruled the order
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should not exclude them, finding grandparents normally fit that definition. president trump and the first lady capped off their trip to paris with a dinner at the eiffel tower. he was invited by the president of france to celebrate bastille day tomorrow. mr. trump couldn't leave the investigation behind. laura? >> reporter: president trump could not shut down growing speculation over his son's involvement with russia during last year's election. he was, however, able to find some common ground with his french counterpart, even as the two agreed to disagree when it comes to climate change. >> we'll see what happens, okay? >> reporter: today, the president pressed on his controversial decision to withdraw from the paris accords during a meeting with french president macron. while france has always been supportive of the aqoshed tweeds the first time president trump was willing to reconsider the u.s.'s withdrawal from the
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2015 climate change agreement. >> translator: i vanish much respect the decision taken by president trump. he will work upon implementing his campaign promises. >> reporter: the 2 leaders holding a joint press conference after closed door discussions on global security, terrorism, and trade. but president trump still facing scrutiny over the meeting between his son, don jr., and a russian lawyer. the president trying hi best to downplay that meeting. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. >> reporter: democrats are still not buying the exprogram play nation of the meeting from the white house, saying that collusion did in fact happen during the 2016 campaign. >> i don't know anybody that would take that kind of meeting with not only a foreign
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government, but a foreigned aerer share. >> reporter: the first couple ended their day in paris by dining with the french president and his wife in the eiffel tower. the celebrations will continue tomorrow where both couples will be attending a bastille day parade before president trump and the first lady return home back here to d.c. ken? >> lauren blanchard live in washington. thank you, lauren. senators are taking stock of the newly-reslicessed health care bill today. the latest changes include more money to fight opioid -- newly- released health care bill today. the latest changes include more money to fight opioid abuse. however, the gop can only afford to lose 2 gop senators, and 2 have already said they
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won't vote for it. >> these cuts are every bit as draconian as they were in the previous trumpcare bill. >> the bill sweetens the pot with $2 billion in aid for alaska, home of a key moderate senator, lisa murkowsk pirntion the congressional budget office is expected to release its score on the bill next week. a story of survival and courage. how a family fought back against years of domestic violence. >> i was tired of it. i can't take anything anymore. >> a heat advisory will go into effect this weekend. we'll tell you what you can expect for your friday and beyond. >> residents say this wasn't just any building that burned down, they it was part of the old town in lafayette. we talk to some of the tenants and look into its history.
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a series of construction fires with more questions than answers. >> we did talk about the possibility of arson. >> we talked with the mayor of oakland to discuss what's being done to deep keep it from happening again. >> is oakland development being targeted? >> tomorrow marks 1 week since a fire described almost 200 units of housing under construction in oakland. it's 1 of 4 fires in the past year that have caused tens of
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millions of dollars in damage to apartment complexes. >> we asked oakland mayor libby shaff about the problem as part of the series of 2 investigates reports. >> reporter: in your eyes, is oakland development being targeted? >> i have to prepare and prevent the possibility that oakland development is being targeted. >> reporter: 2 arsons, 1 suspicious fire near lake merit. and now friday's waiverly construction blaze marks 4 major construction fires in and around oakland in the past year amid an already severe housing crisis. oakland's mayor finds herself fighting to defend what they need to build. >> reporter: what do you want developers to know? >> we're taking steps to help
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protect all of us from accidental or intentional fire. >> reporter: they took some idea like adding bashed wire to site, and streamlining communication between them and law enforcement. >> we did talk about the possibility of arson. one of the things we all can do is bring to justice this individual that we know caused the arson on the san pablo project. >> reporter: what do you want to say to people who are angry about the development of house, housing that they feel like it pushes them out? >> the way to address the escalating rents this oakland is to build more, and that is to build more for every income level. i always say that i am not going to be like donald trump. i won't vilify outsiders or newcomers, i'm not going to build a law around oakland. >> reporter: mayor shaff says
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if oakland doesn't build nor housing, newcomers will still come and push current residents out. >> reporter: if you're a developer, would you be nervous to build in oakland? >> notch there's no place like oakland. none. >> reporter: mayor shaff says her team is building a list of high-risk development projects. candice nguyen, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you have a tip, e-mail dwhraun 2 investigates @ktv -- e-mail : police are hope ugh can help them find a man wanted on robbery and assault charges. he's a latino with a piercing
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in his right ear. he's one of several suspects wanted in the beating and robbing of a 7-eleven clerk in february. there are new developments in the case of a missing san mateo county man. richard moss of moss beach disappeared may 25 while driving to work on highway 1. family friends say they found this wheel in the waters of montero state beach below some steep cliffs. friends say the car wheel may be from the blue hyundai that moss was driving. about 2 weeks ago, a aaa car belonging to moss also washed up. banks and tech stocks climbed. the dow was up 20 points to its second record close in a appropriate the nasdaq gained 13, and the s&p was up 4. shares of san mateo's gopro
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were seeing green. the camera company saw its price rise to $8.48 a share. fox sports is among the broadcasters getting a sneak preview of their new cameras. we are tracking the heatup around here. we've been advertising it all week. every day, it's been average summer weather. patchy fog, 70s and low 80s around the bay. that starts to change tomorrow, and then it moves on in earnest on saturday and sunday. in the meantime, we have some fog at the coast to contend with. inland valleys, maybe some 93, 94 degree readings. just 2 degrees warmer. and then it really just marks the transition to the much warmer environment of the weekend. there's downtown oakland, a
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beautiful shot from our roof camera at jack london square. the temperature in oakland is 57 degrees. san francisco tomorrow, 55 degrees, areas of fog stop me if you've heard this before. afternoon fog kind of clears. it will hang out at the coast all day. partly sunny, south of the market by the ballpark, 63 degrees. by your friday afternoon, south of the market, 68 degrees at 5:00. we'll talk about the heat advise when i see you next. quick action on a bay area freeway. how a passenger jump into action when a delivery driver passed out. >> steph curry is getting ready to tee it up at lake tahoe for the celebrity pro-am golf tournament, but took some time today to talk some hoops. what he said about a repeat in sports. >> and fire destroys a building along with some high-rises.
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why neighbors say a little piece of lafayette is missing tonight.
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lafayette fire investigators are trying to  track down the cause of a fire on golden circle drive. it gutted bag in the heart of upscale business and dining district. fire investigators say that it could with b difficult to determine the cause. >> we'll have interior breezeway and large openings. it's covered with a lightweight, very combustible material. tracking burn patterns isn't enough. >> reporter: fire investigator plan to talk to eyewitnesses and look at video as part of
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their investigation. damage is estimated at $1.1 million. life coverage now from jana katsuyama. she learned that it was important to people who live nearby. jana? >> reporter: they say part of old lafayette is now gone. >> reporter: after a long night of smoke and flames and fire crews pouring water on the old building in lafayette... >> the flails were shooting into the sky. >> reporter: daylight showed the disaster. nothing left at 100 lafayette circle. the building with some 8 businesses burned to a smoldering shell, a bit of loafl local history lost for long time residents. >> this is part of the old- school town we all grew up
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with. losing something that's been here for this long, it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: all day, people paused on the street. ian craig, a resident for more than 50 years, helped it. >> me and my brothers worked on this, probably in the late 70s. >> reporter: it housed an old- style italian restaurant. >> it was a restaurant that had been here for 50 years with the same old waiter. >> reporter: tony levino, wait er for 17 years, was stunned. he got hugs from regulars. >> it was like a big family. >> reporter: for the lafayette chamber of commerce, there was another loss. >> the chamber of commerce was worried about some of their old records. i don't think they were all
10:26 pm
digital. 50 years or so of recording things, i hope everything is okay with them. >> reporter: that's a lot of history. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: for jane todd, the sight of her business' sign intact and unburned is a sign of relief, remembering the early years of a building that was known as peacockal lee. >> there were peacocks all over this -- peacock alley. >> there were peacocks all over this area. i wanted to have my business in here. >> it's sad, just sad. wanted to come here and say good-bye. >> reporter: the owner of la sinestra had a meeting with the staff at a local restaurant. they say it was emotional and they hope to rebuild somewhere in town.
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ken? >> that's good news. jana, thank you. a deadly shooting stunned neighbors. what we've learned about a homicide today in czar toga. and -- in saratoga. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
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on segment 2 tonight, a bay area family that suffered years of domestic violence but found way to break the psych. >> for their bravery, the continue conra dose that -- the contra costa district attorney's office gave them an honor. >> reporter: the mother say she was silenced for too long, but wants to share her story to let other victims know there is hope and help. >> reporter: there is a sense of calm after much turbulence for victoria velasquez and her children. they find solace in outings along the san francisco waterfront. it's one step in their journey of healing. >> what's your life like now? what do you have that you didn't have before? >> i feel like industry air to
10:31 pm
breathe. >> reporter: by opening the boxes containing the weapons her husband used against her, velasquez is closing a painful chapter in her life. >> the hard truth is necessary. the reality, as much as it's easy to hide under the rug. >> reporter: the 2 handguns, rifle, machete, and bat were used to convict her husband of abuse. the contra costa district attorney's office turned them over to her. >> it help med get my life back. >> reporter: she didn't feel nearly as helpless as she did at this ranch in oakland where her husband fired a bullet at her in front of her children. the bullet missed her by an inch. >> it made me feel so hot and
10:32 pm
numb. >> reporter: it was a stormy 17 year relationship that started when she was only 14 years old. her olderrest daughter, rachel, also says she was abused. >> he had a gun to himy head. >> reporter: gabby says her father had a machete and threatened to cut off her fingers. >> i was scared. >> reporter: the last straw came that day when he fired a shot at the mother -- when he fire add shot at her mother, accusing her of infidel trip gabby says her father started beating her mother again and asked her grandmother to call 911. >> i could hear the sound. >> i need an officer at my house right away. >> what happened? >> my husband is beat this daughter. >> reporter: that was the last time martinez was a free man.
10:33 pm
it took a year and a half before he went to trial. >> reporter: the trial lasted 3 weeks. velasquez and her children testified. the prosecutor said it was impressive. >> reporter: she says this gave her strength. >> he never said anything or pay any attention to me. >> does that bother you? >> yes. >> reporter: it's often difficult to get victims of abuse to press charges. >> hard to gain their trust. >> reporter: last fall, martinez was convict of 27 counts and sentenced to 50 years in prison.
10:34 pm
>> i was so afreud until they read his sentencing. >> reporter: velasquez says her children are concerned that their father will return and retaliate against them or send someone to hurt them. >> their first question is how had years do we have left before he comes out? when will we have to move again? >> reporter: still, the family retuesdayed to allow those fears to stop their fight to free tests of the abuse. >> give them love and a round identify applause for being being our winners this year. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office gave the family its courage award, a recognition that had only been given to have individuals in previous years. >> what made you nominate the family? >> i have never seen a family come together and support each other in the way that this family did. >> reporter: an alternate juror was so impressed that he befriended them after the trial. >> it was a vicious cycle of
10:35 pm
violence that they had the strength to be able to breakingbreak by telling the story. >> reporter: velasquez plans to share the story with other survivors of domestic violence through the nonprofit the family justice center. >> there is hope and help, and it's all in one place. >> reporter: dana philt organize wsky says they're trying to help women leave their abusers. >> it can connect them with law enforcement and counseling. >> reporter: the family's journey has had up and -- and councilling. >> reporter: the family has had their ups and downs. this is video of martinez with his children during happier times. >> in my eyes with we were family. but do think of him, but i don't miss him.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: the family has moved to an undisclosed location. >> reporter: do you still live in fear? >> a little bit, but i know he's not here. but i can't get that fear to just go away, not just yet. >> reporter: velasquez and her children have found the courage to live life on their own terms. she tells me she won't be keeping weapons, but she and her children needed to see them as they start over. >> they're so brave for talking about it. how dot kids seem to be? are they doing better? >> they appear to be doing well. the daughter, gabby, she plays basketball. they're in summer break. her focus is to make sure
10:37 pm
they're well and to succeed in their future. >> so brave for speaking out and saying we feel free now. thank you. i yanked the wheel to get us off of the road. >> quick thinking inside of a speeding van. how a passenger helped avert disaster when a driver passed out. >> and we are tracking thearm one. we have some heat on the way for the bay area weekend. a heat advisory for parts of the bay area over saturday and sunday. i'll have the -- industry the details. >> and a close call at sfo, what canadian officials have revealed about an aircraft that almost landed on a crowded taxiway. [ indistinct chatter ]
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police in saratoga have a man in custody as they investigate a a homicide. the 57-year-old man called police from his home. he said he shot his roommate. when officers arrived, they say they found a 60-year-old woman with a gunshot wound. neighbor says the incident is very unusual. >> i'm surprised. i thought it was very safe. >> police say they detained the
10:41 pm
man at the scene. canadian transportation officials released a prelame lim necessary report on the air canada flight that almost landed on a taxiway at sfo, coming dangerously close to disaster the report found the pilot had asked the tower about lights that were not supposed to be on the runway and requested that landing clearance be confirmed. the air canada plane was about 100 feet above another plane as it pulled up to go around. if the air can da jet landed on that taxiway, it could have hit 4 fully loaded passengers jets waiting to take off. another close call on interstate 680 -- on highway 680 when a delivery van driver had a coughing fit and passed
10:42 pm
out. >> his coworker quickly acted and likely saved lives. >> reporter: jared elliot has never been happier to see his father. the story of his cuts, bruises, and mangled delivery van are part of a long story. he credits his lucky gold. state warriors t-shirt. >> industry never been in this situation before. >> reporter: at 6:00, ellis and his coworker were delivering bread for the pure grain bakery. as they drove southbound, ellis' workmate had a medical emergency. >> i just started coughing, and that was it. that's the last thing i remember. >> reporter: with the driver unconscious and his foot stuck on the gas and a van speeding towards a school bus, ellis with just 2 days' experience jont sprung into action.
10:43 pm
>> i yanked it to get us off of the road. i wanted to get on the dirt and slow down. i yanked us away from the cars and into the tree. >> reporter: he had to avoid traffic, get on the grass, and go down into the tree instead of into and through the corner of this office building. investigators say both men were very lucky. >> typically we end one a multiple vehicle collision or at least a 2 vehicle collision. >> reporter: the driver was unharmed, and chp officers say won't be cited. ellis has cuts and bruises and an injured ankle. he says he owes it all to quick reflects and a warriors win that sparked his subsequent purchase. >> i'm thankful to bay live. >> reporter: do you wear the shirt forever or take it off at some point? >> i think i'll wear it for the
10:44 pm
next week. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, a salvage operation in the bay. see the progress crews are making in raising a sunk en barge. >> bill martin is working on the weather. he'll be back with the full forecast.
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10:47 pm
crews are making progress raising a sunken barge near the bay bridge. the warning is now on the surface of the water. crews started raising it on tuesday. divers cut the barge into 2 long sections and used a crane to lift each piece. the 112 foot freight barge sank last april during a large storm and came to rest on the floor of the bay above b.a.r.t.'s transbay tube. there are paren plenty of ways to spend your weekend, including a classic car show and say salsa festival. rosemary has your weekend watch. >> reporter: can you enjoy thest knick dance festival. it will be held at city hall and the palace of fine arts theater. or head to filmore for the sal
10:48 pm
say festival. at golden gate park, enjoy the 10k aids walk on sunday. on the peninsula, kids and teens can run through mud and over obstacles at the kids' obstacle challenge in san mateo. parents race for free on saturday. you can also check out a summer fest with 200 artists, food vendors, and entertainment. there will also be a band in beautiful downtown saratoga. if you like cars, maybe head to the hillsboro elegance. you can also enjoy samples from 34 breweries in san raf ark el. or maybe spend a day at the taste of napa. over 70 local wineries, a beer
10:49 pm
garden, and local arty sans. in sports, a's, quakes, and deltas are at home, giants are on the road. it will be warming up this weekend. it warmed up a bit the last couple of days. was arizona we go into the weekend, it will really heat one triple digits possible. tomorrow, these inland valleys go to 94 in antioch. the heat will come from the southwest. it will move in this way as it did that last heat wave. it looks like a 2 day event, but it's enough that the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for the east bay hills on both saturday and sunday. up in the mountains, it will be pretty nice here. there were some thundershowers further to the south. you can see all of that moisture streaming into the desert southwest.
10:50 pm
for us, just fog on the coast. high pressure building, temperatures on the increase. it's 66 in fairfield, 71 in concorde. let's check the winds out real quick. 21 mile an hour winds in fairfield, pretty breezy. let's see what sfo is doing, sustained. the fog is pushing in. right now, it's at 1200 feet. that's shallower than last night. the trend of this marine layer is pinching down, and this heat continuing is happening. so the forecast, 62 to 92 2áeu9, coast toins land, 42 degrees, that's tomorrow. it will really warm up,
10:51 pm
especially on sunday with temperatures probably a couple of low 100s will show pup mid 90s to upper 90s. as we look at the forecast, there's the model for the fog. that's your bay area friday. here's your bay area friday, more specific. then you have 93 in pittsburgh and ant jobbing. the 5 day forecast is heating up and pretty dry. nothing unusual, nothing crazy, it's summer, this is what it looks like. >> thank you. coming up on the 11:00 news, a small plane crash kills a university of san francisco professor and member of a prominent san francisco family. we have just received a statement from usf. >> and steph curry will be on hand for the hah koa pro-am starting tomorrow.
10:52 pm
he spoke about the mindset of winning another championship with the warriors. sports greger mark ibanez is up next. -- supports director -- for -- sports director mark ibanez is up next.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
sport director mark ibanez is here with the multitalented steph curry. >> he'll be up in tahoe this
10:55 pm
weekend. his would-be teammates down in las vegas doing the summer league thing. a couple years ago, we wouldn't have this as a blip on the radar, but right now in all- star week, we're starting out with the warriors in their las vegas finale. that's cal's jaylan brown on the left and jason tatum, number 1 pick by the celtics, in the 2nd quarter, patrick mccobb going to the bucket. jabari bird, another cal product, has 17 points, a nice fake and a jumper. at halftime, you have to check out what patrick did. he got it. they were going to review this thing. think the review clearly shows he didn't quite hit it.
10:56 pm
93-69 the final. they'll finish out the summer league in a consolation battle against the clippers tomorrow. lonzo ball. that is a name that if you don't know already, you surely will. he's headed for household name status real soon. he's the number 1 pick by the lakers, number 2 in the draft, and just seven vaguesal in las vegas. he has other things, like his own shoe. today, we get a games of some of what he wore tonight. tonight, ad dirks as with yesterday, it was nike. he has his big baller brand. he has the game to back it up. that's a nice assist there. beautiful and long, and he had the offensive game, scoring on his way to a triple-double. we'll see him with another nifty pass. 16 points, 12 assists, 12 rebounds. if he can do that in the big show, the lakers might be back a lot faster than a lot of
10:57 pm
people think. here's a juicy tidbit concerning the golden state warriors and it comes from the mouth of paul george, easily one of the top 20 players in the nb ax. he says today that the indiana pacers, the team he was with throughout much of hi career, discussed a trade a few weeks ago with the warriors that would have sent him to golden state, but then the pacers mentioned they would like clay thompson in exchange, and apparently, that's when the talks broke down. ultimately, george was traded to okc. we did mention steph curry's dogs this weekend. he has a nice golf swing, and it will be on display at south lake tahoe in edge ewood in the american century pro-am, a very popular event. steph also finds some time on the course for some basketball
10:58 pm
stuff. tony romo, justin timberlake, and aaron rodgers will also be on the course. when asked the basketball question, how will the were your maintain their edge next year? >> we're in the same -- we were in the same position in 2015, tbheen what happened after that. obviously, we made it back. nothing is guaranteed and you can't take anything for granted. we have to fall in love with the journey all over again. there's plenty of things we can watch that can remind us that if we take our eyes off of that focus, we do ourselves a disservice. >> fall in love with the journey. that's what venus williams is doing in wimbledon. williams near court, conta, lofting a backhand over williams. she win the first set. but this is the sequence you
10:59 pm
have to see. check out venus' serve. get out of the way. 103 miles. you can appreciate it on the replay. wanted no part of that. and then match point for venus. conta returned the shallow shot, but williams powers it past her. she wins in straight sets, 6-4 and 6-2. you know about the strict dress code at wimbledon, everybody has to wear all- white, and that includes your skive skivvies. 2 men in this pow -- that includes your skivvies. 2 men in this photo were caught wearing black underwear and forced to change. that's it for sports.
11:00 pm
ken and julie have more at 11. >> up next. >> we're learning more about a small plane crash that killed a man and injured 4 other people. they're from a prominent san francisco family. the pilot of that plane died. his 2 children and a woman survived. she's said to be the family's nanny. all 3 are in the hospital. >> frank is off tonight. the sonoma county sheriff's office identify the filet pilate of the small plane. he was 32-year-old william s. goldman of san francisco. -- identified the pilot of the small plane. he was 32-year-old william s. goldman of san francisco. debora is live. deb? >> reporter: there's just one runway here. planes generally take off to the west as this one di